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Refurbishment is the Name of the Game in Windermere Right now

The buzz words around Windermere at the moment surely must be relating to refurbishment.

It seems businesses the length and breadth of the Windermere and Bowness areas are reinventing, refurbishing, renovating and from what we can see revelling in achieving success from it.

Refurbishment isn’t always in terms of interior or exterior design but in some cases to menus and re-evaluating services offered. Local food has most definitely been a large influence in a restaurant or other eating establishments change of order and menu and of course, this better for the local economy and the diner. But in the case of one hotel in Windermere, 2014 has been a year packed full of refurbishment in both sectors.

Applegarth Villa Hotel & Restaurant have spent years tirelessly updating the beautiful Arts & Crafts property in the centre of Windermere both inside and out. The property has changed significantly internally since Alan & Suzanne Mumford purchased the hotel back in 2000. The latest wave of renovating has been all out the drinking and eating experience at the hotel, such an important part of the services offered by hotels these days. A restaurant makeover has been completed with the most significant changes being seen in the bar. A new bar has been installed and the room decorated and updated with new lighting and furniture which has completely changed the look of this area of the hotel.


The lighting and furniture is far from those found in an average bar and had a distinct feel of the 20’s as shown in the two light fixtures below. To complement the new bar, further whiskeys have been added to the already extensive whiskey menu, Lake District gin is now offered from Bedrock and local real ale from the Watermill Inn at nearby Ings.


Hotel restaurants in Windermere have well and truly cast off the poor image so many people had of these establishments across the country a few years ago. In the Windermere area, chefs in hotel restaurants are leading the way in local cuisine and diners are flocking to either stay the night or dine on a non-residential basis.

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